Acumen 101 – A Crash Course on the Acumen Fund

Centre for Social Innovation - Spadina Location | 6PM - 8PM

215 Spadina Ave, 1st Floor, Whole Connector, Toronto | View Map

Event Details

Hear about us from a friend? Did you come to Dignity in Focus and want to learn more? Here’s your chance.

Come join us for Acumen 101, an introduction to who we are, what we do, and why it’s important.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, whether your a general enthusiast or a complete outsider. We’d love to see you there.

It’s FREE to register, but we’re highly encouraging a $5 donation to help us defray the cost of renting the venue.

You can register through our widget below. See you there!

Tickets + Info

Follow the conveniently placed widget to register. Remember, we're asking for a $5 donation at the door to help us defray the costs of the venue. Thanks a lot :)